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Everything for the exhibitor – Goods & Shipments

Skåne 2024

On this page, we have gathered all the information that has to do with goods and goods handling.

Delivery times:

To the fair:
Goods will be received no earlier than Monday, September 2, 2024.

From the fair:
Remember to order collection of goods well in advance.
All goods must be picked up (at all) no later than Tuesday, September 10, 2024
If you want a later pick-up, contact Hans-Erik. The service may be charged extra.

Delivery address for goods:

Entreprenad Live 2024 (Motorbanan Ring Knutstorp)
Att: Exhibiting company, booth number
Knutstorpsvägen 1030
SE-268 77 Kågeröd

Freight marking:

All goods that arrive and are to leave the fair must be clearly marked according to above.
The forwarder / carrier must know in which stand the goods are to or are in.
Address labels and waybills must be on the goods (in a plastic pocket considering that it may rain)

Packaging of goods:

Entreprenad Live is an outdoor fair and it can be raining.
So keep this in mind when packing goods that are going to and from the fair.
So it does not work to send cardboard boxes with brochures.

Packaging and waste:

It is the responsibility of exhibitors and stand builders to remove packaging and spills that occur during stand construction and demolition. Source sorting is applied to Entreprenad Live and environmental stations are centrally located during moving in and out and during the trade fair days. The stand must be left cleaned after the fair, no waste may be left. If cleaning is not performed, the exhibitor will be charged extra cleaning costs.

Unloading / Loading:

During moving in and out, there are wheel loaders for unloading / loading goods up to 4 tons.
Unloading / loading assistance is charged after the fair, cost 1,750 sek / hour, (minimum charge 1/2 hour)
Unloading / loading of goods weighing more than 4 tonnes must be reported before. Registration is made by email to hans-erik@livebusiness.se no later than 16 August 2024
Loading ramp (machine trailer) is available for unloading wheeled machines.

Deliveries during the current trade fair:

This can be done for one hour before the fair opens for the day.

Empty packaging:

Storage of empty packaging during the fair season is provided by MMS for a fee,tel: 040-30 67 20.

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