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Everything for the exhibitor _ Marketing / Digital tools

Göteborg-Landvetter 2023

On this page, we have gathered all the tools that will make it easier for you to tell your customers and prospects that you are at the fair.

Invitation card:

It is important to invite customers and show that you are part of Entreprenad Live. Therefore, we print out invitation cards that you can send and / or distribute to your customers. The invitation cards are free of charge and will be delivered in mid-June.
Order before May 26 and we will print your logo on the invitation cards (free of charge).
Order no later than May 26 at this link

Digital invitation card:

Invite your customers via email with this digital invitation card. Easy to just attach to an email.
The digital invitation card has both your logo and your stand number.
Tip: When you send out this digital invitation card, you link to your digital stand, and your customers will come right away. Digital invitation card will arrive in a separate email in mid-June.

Banners and logos:

Tell your customers and prospects that you are at the fair. Then half the work is done when you come to the fair.

We have made a few different banners that can be used on the website, in email and on Facebook / Instagram, but also in likes such as ads, customer magazines, etc.
Everything is just for download from here when needed.
Here is also the fair’s logo.

Do not forget to link logos / banners so that your customers, our visitors can easily find information about the fair. You can link to your ”digital stand” or to our website.

Download here: Banner / Mail signature, for web and print
Download here: Welcome to our booth, for web and print
Download here: The fair’s logo as JPG and EPS

Social Media:

Very many of our visitors to Entreprenad Live are on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.
Of course we are there too and we know that many of the exhibitors are also there.
So together we can reach all those we all want to come to the fair.

Our pages:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/entreprenadlive/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/entreprenad_live/

If we all tag our posts in the same way, there will be a multiple effect.

We use this tag: #entreprenadlive

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