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About Entreprenad Live

Entreprenad Live is regional trade fairs for construction, land and green space as well as the construction and civil engineering industry. The fairs are complete with all types of products, services and solutions at Sweden’s best event arenas for the construction industry. The infrastructure at Entreprenad Live’s arenas is superior. Opportunities for test driving, logistics, geographical location, the market, service personnel and infrastructure are in place to serve visitors and exhibitors.

Regional fairs – close to the end customer

Entreprenad Live’s idea is to create strong regional fairs for professionals in the construction and construction industry with a focus on contracting and consisting of exhibition, test drive, seminars and experiences. It should be easy for buyers to easily and cost-effectively get an overview of the industry’s suppliers and to be able to make a good basis for purchases and investments.

The goal is good business and strong personal relationships

The goal of Entreprenad Live is to create the conditions for good business and new markets through inspiring meetings and relationships. We achieve this goal through strong partnerships, collaboration with the industry and great responsiveness to customers’ needs and wishes. An exhibition visit to Entreprenad Live will inspire, build relationships, generate business and be a positive experience. When you go home, you should long for the next Entreprenad Live

The key to completion is test driving

Test driving is a crucial and important and unique part of Entreprenad Live. Today when information is in abundance, customers are well prepared and they are read and have come a long way in the buying process when they visit the fair.

An important role for Entreprenad Live is therefore that the suppliers have the opportunity to offer trial run and the visitors have the chance to try and evaluate equipment from many different suppliers at the fair.

Everyone is welcome but some really extra

The main target group for Entreprenad Live is the contractors who work in the field. They will be given a chance to get a complete presentation of what suppliers to the industry have to offer.

Visiting audiences from large and small entrepreneurs

CEO, company management, own entrepreneurs, buyers, site managers, supervisors, technicians, drivers / craftsmen, trainers.

Another important target group is all the companies that supply products and services to the contractors. In an efficient and positive environment, one should be able to meet new customers and serve existing ones


Construction machinery, excavators, loaders, mini excavators, compact loaders, telescopic loaders, vibrators, road materials, drainage materials, laser / laser instruments, hole punching and demolition equipment, garden equipment, cranes, lifts, lifts, vehicles, spare parts & tools, rental and equipment.

Entrance is free, seminars are free and parking is free.

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